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Bespoke rates and added-value benefits are on the cards

As a Shropshire Chamber of Commerce member you can now take advantage of bespoke card processing rates and added-value services with Worldpay.  And however you take cards – face to face, by phone, or via the internet – there’s a range of options to meet your needs.

Click on one of the five products below for further details:

Future Pay

Online Payments

Pay by Link

Risk Management

Virtual Terminal

Simple payments

Reach more customers face to face, online or over the phone.

Secure payments

Worldpay invests heavily in technology which processes over 26million transactions every day.

UK based Helpdesk

Our friendly helpdesk is available 24×7 should you have any questions.

Whatever your business size or type Worldpay makes taking payments easy for you and your customers. If you’re ready to grow your business by taking card payments or are looking to switch your provider, contact Worldpay today

Simply visit and a member of the Worldpay team will be in touch to discuss your individual needs.

This offer is only available to current Shropshire Chamber of Commerce members. Proof of membership will be required.