At the Shropshire Chamber, we’re dedicated to working with every single one of our members across the county to ultimately achieve better business opportunities for them, and to help further strengthen Shropshire’s reputation as the place to do business.

As you’ll already know, we have members of all shapes and sizes from across a wide variety of industries both large and niche, and whose needs, challenges, opportunities, and goals range from one to the next.

Which is why we wanted to launch a guide to ensure that you, as one of our much-valued members, are reaping the rewards and utilising all of the services available from the Shropshire Chamber of Commerce, so that you really get the most from your membership. Here are the top ten ways in which we can support you, as well as those services which your business could be using to the fullest:

  1. Attend | as a member, you receive exclusive access to our prestigious events across the calendar year, held in various locations across the county, from Shrewsbury and Telford, to Ludlow and Oswestry. Your business can meet lots of new potential business contacts, engage in reciprocal business, and meet people you otherwise might have had challenges in reaching. For example, our Shropshire Chamber Business Expo is one of the most highly sought after events of the year, so make sure you and your team register to come along – from awards evening to social gatherings, and everything in-between
  2. Join | we host many networking events across the region, as above, and depending on which club suits you and your needs best, you can register online to regularly attend anytime at (using the Events tab). This enables you to build relationships, and for your business to get known amongst other leading businesses in the county
  3. Online | you receive listings on Search Shropshire and others, and these are regularly reviewed by our members, partners, patrons and the wider business community. Check to make sure you’re listed where you can be, and ,make sure you keep your details up-to-date
  4. Allied Companies | Shropshire Chamber of Commerce works with many specialist allied organisations, including the International Trade & Investment team, so make sure you contact us to find out how you could benefit from these wider partnerships
  5. ChamberHR | whether an employment-focused personnel issue, challenge or opportunity, to a business-focused legislation query – you receive exclusive access to support from the ChamberHR team
  6. Representation | the Chamber can support you and your business with lobbying or representation, find out more by contacting us
  7. Overseas | make exporting easier and straightforward by using the foreign exchange or WorldPay services through your Chamber
  8. Auditing | cut your business’s costs by accessing your Chamber Telecom or Utilities Auditing service
  9. Workplace Pensions | ensure your firm remains compliant with the Workplace Pensions Scheme with expert advice and guidance. Get in touch to find out we can help
  10. Have Fun! | being part of one of the most proactive Chamber of Commerces in the country can be fun, with lots of new contacts to be made, events to attend and support services to be provided. Helping each other’s businesses is a big part of the ethos behind Shropshire Chamber of Commerce, and by taking advantage of all that you can as part of your membership, you can have real enjoyment whilst building your business, your brand, and your contacts.

Of course, there are many other ways in which you can get the most from your Shropshire Chamber of Commerce, so we’d urge to you to find out more by visiting, emailing, or calling 01952 208200.