The Shropshire Chamber of Commerce has a mission – to ensure all of its members benefit from a support and services package that improves their business and gives them a competitive edge. This advantage is delivered by providing:

  • Value added services that improve profitability
  • Easing the burden of legislation on members
  • Providing inter-trading and networking opportunities
  • Championing the cause of local business at local, regional and national level
  • Motivating member businesses to grow by the provision of support services to facilitate that growth

‘Through accessing exclusive member services detailed in this section we will work and support your business to develop’ Richard Sheehan – Chief Executive Shropshire Chamber of Commerce and Enterprise.

Shropshire Chamber of Commerce membership starts from as little as £16.58 + VAT per month for a small company employing 1 – 10 people.

Affordable Benefits:·

  • Charity Membership Price £150 + VAT
  • 1-10 Membership Price £199 + VAT
  • 11-100 Membership Price £399 + VAT
  • 101-500+ Membership Price £532 + VAT
  • 500+ Membership POA