The Export Marketing Research Scheme encourages UK companies in the proper conduct and use of marketing research when exploring potential new markets overseas.

It provides:

  • Free independent advice on how to get the most out of a marketing research project: Advice on – how to conduct marketing research; locating and briefing market research agencies; evaluating their proposals and reports; identifying published reports; undertaking desk research; planning a field trip; setting up appointments; conducting interviews; analysing data, drawing conclusions and writing a report.
  • Funding to subsidise the cost of export marketing research in-house – up to half the costs of travel, daily subsistence, and interpreter’s fees, as well as a contribution towards administrative costs for studies conducted overseas by a member of staff.
  • Using a market research agency – up to half the cost of a commissioned overseas research project and up to a third of a desk research project.
  • Purchasing published market reports – up to a third of the cost of purchasing a report.