Social Media Strategy - Facebook, Twitter and Blogs Training

May 2, 2017 @ 09:30 – 16:30

Social Media Strategy - Facebook, Twitter and Blogs Training 

Discover how your business can be improved by the power of Facebook, Twitter and Blogs from a leading Marketing & Social Media expert. Join like minded businesses on this full day training course.

Do you get sick of posting things on your business Social Media profile and only getting likes from friends and family?

Do you get completely overwhelmed with trying to keep up with Social Media?
Do you wonder how to use Social Media for your business and how to grow your following?

I guess it must feel like there is some magic trick which you have to know in order to get people to engage with your page or that Social Media is only going to work for big companies with massive budgets?

This just isn’t the case…

I have worked with lots of businesses like you, that felt like they were spending time and effort on Social Media only to get little or no return and yet you are told by all the experts that you have to be on there.

So I have put together a full day course that is not only going to teach you the tools and tricks you need to create the perfect profile, get followers and come up with interesting and engaging content but show you things that you never knew existed!

Key Objectives

After attending this course delegates will be able to:

  • Understand the principles of social media and marketing for business success
  • Identify how to use the tools available
  • Develop a strategy for using social media platforms
  • Identify suitable content including key words
  • Understand how to get started

Course Outline 

This is going to be a busy and hands on training covering all aspects of using Social Media for Business. From planning the overall strategy to fit in with your marketing strategy, right the way down to posting and getting followers.

We will also look at...

  • How to create a perfectly optimised page
  • Finding your ideal clients and getting them to like your page
  • How to create the the right balance of content that is going to keep them interested and wanting more
  • How you turn likes into signs ups
  • All the tools I use to find interesting content and how to create beautiful eye catching content
  • How to effectively manage your time so you don’t feel like you are spending more time on Facebook than you do on your business!


Key Benefits

You will come away with practical personalised information that you can start straight away, that will have a positive impact on your Social Media Marketing.

  • Better understanding of social media platforms
  • Identify opportunities to use social media
  • Understand where to start
  • Create action plans for structured activity

If you're struggling with Social Media, find it all a bit of a mystery, or just want someone to practically help you make the most of these amazing tools, this is the training for you.


Shropshire Chamber of Commerce
Trevithick House
Stafford Park 4


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£160.00 Member Rate

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