Impact of Loss & Grief in the Workplace

February 17, 2017 @ 09:00 – 10:30

Impact of Loss & Grief in The Workplace and how to Manage for Maximum Performance

Is a colleague struggling to cope with loss and grief following divorce, bereavement, health issue, disability or any other loss?  If so, as well as the impact on the individual,  there is likely to be a significant drop in performance at work.    The annual cost to employers of grief in the workplace is estimated at £13.5 billion.   There are the direct financial costs, as well as a drop in employee performance as a result of sickness absence, or ‘presenteeism’. In this seminar you will learn how to reduce costs associated with employee loss and grief as we explore;

  • how loss and grief impacts on the individual and the employer.
  • practical tips to support the person affected.
  • how to support the employee remain productive in work, or return to work sooner if absent.

Delivered by Phyl Edmonds – Certified Grief Recovery Specialist; Severn Workforce Development


Shropshire Chamber of Commerce
Trevithick House
Stafford Park 4


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